Track days vs Racing

  • Who said anything about racing? Here’s the thing; A track day is NOT a race event. Many people respond to a suggestion of attending a track day by saying “but I don’t want to race”. Now, we understand that most people automatically think “racing” when they hear “racetrack”. This is why we spend a fair amount of energy on educating the potential new rider (to track) that a track day just might be worth considering, both for having a blast, but also for becoming a better rider (much better).
  • Imagine the perfect twisty road, but with no oncoming traffic, sand, gravel, guardrails or folks in big sedans trying to figure out their GPS while talking and texting on their phones and you start to get the idea of what a track day is. Oh, and did I mention no speed limits? So, riding on a racetrack is not only a safer place to ride, but you can also go as fast as you want without the risk of getting an expensive speeding ticket and insurance points.
  • Not only are track days fun, but they are also a great place to develop your skills. Most track days have someone there that will offer to do a pit talk on body positioning. You can also have some on-track guidance, from another rider, if you ask for it. Then go practice what you have learned by circulating around the track. The beauty of riding on a race track is that you get to visit each corner multiple times a day. This way you can perfect each corner as the day goes on. You will be able to explore the limits of your bike, tires and your ability. Woot Woot!!

The Goal of a track day

  • A safer place to have fun! With no surface hazards or roadside obstacles to hit and an ambulance just seconds away, the track is the safest place to ride, especially if you want to ride fast.
  • A safer place to learn! You will be able to concentrate on refining your cornering and braking skills by riding the same corners over and over again.
  • Socialize! Commiserate and socialize with like minded motorcycle enthusiasts. Most new track days riders show up for their first day nervous and afraid, only to find a friendly group of fellow riders eager to help you learn the ropes.

Is my bike good enough/allow on track

  • If your bike is road legal and it complies with road standards, then there is no reason why it would not be welcome on the track. We will ask you to tape your lights (or disconnect) tape your mirrors (you should be focused on what’s in front of you not behind). This is for your safety and the safety of your other enthusiasts on track.
  • Some people have dedicated track bikes. The differences between most of these bikes and street legal bikes, lights, mirrors have been removed, new fairings and some also use “slicks – racing tires”.
  • Even though sports bikes are the most popular bikes on track, pretty much any bike is welcome. We have seen super motos, naked bikes and even fully dressed cruisers (WOW)! Unfortunately trikes, side cars and quads are not allowed on track.

Do I need special clothing for the track?

  • YES, here is a list of compulsory items needed in order to ride on track with us
  • Full leather suit; For track day leathers, you must have either a full one piece leather suit or a two piece leather suit that has a 360 degree zip connecting the jacket to the pants. If your zip doesn’t cover the full 360 degrees, you will not be allowed on track.
  • Helmet; All helmets must be dot/snell approved full face helmet with visor. No modular helmets allowed. Your helmet must be less then 5 years old from date of manufacture (not purchase, date can be found inside helmet shell or on d-ring), as well it must be in good condition with no abrasions.
  • Gloves and boots; Gloves must be full length, gauntlet leather gloves. Boots must be mid calf racing style boots.
  • Back protector; mandatory as of June 22, 2023.

Can I bring spectators?

  • Spectators are welcome at all our track days. They will need to fill out the waivers to be allowed at the track.

Can you have 2 riders using 1 bike?

  • As long as each rider has booked a separate place for the event, there is no reason why you cannot share a bike for the day.

What happens if a day is cancelled because of bad weather?

  • We ride rain or shine.
  • In the severe event that the day is cancelled due to the operators of the track making this decision, a make up day will be arranged.

What happens if I arrive late?

  • Speak to someone from RTD team and they will look to get you signed in and give you a personal briefing before going out on track. You should note that you will not be given the time back on track that you have missed as a result of being late.

What is your cancellation policy and is my track day transferable to someone else?

  • with a minimum of 2 (two) weeks notice, you will receive a credit for 1 (one) year for the value of the amount that you paid for your day.
  • if you cancel with less then 2 (two) weeks notice, there will be no credit issued
  • Transferring your day to another person, this must be approved by the RTD management prior to the transfer of your day

“You live more for 5 minutes going fast on a bike than other people do in all of their life.”

-Marco Simoncelli